Friday, June 5, 2009

What have we been up to.....


This is McKenna playing in her little play area. She doesn't really see this area anymore since she has the whole house to explore. I hardly ever have to pick up her toys anymore. Not sure which one I think it worse...that I have to watch her more carefully or picking up her toys every single night.

Getting new toys...well new to us!
I went to a couple yard sales with my friend and got this toy for McKenna for 4 dollars! What a deal. She will walk with it for a few steps if we put her up there to start.

Getting new summer clothes....
I used to have one of these when I was little. Its sooo cute!

More of her new summer clothes. Remind me never to go to the Carters outlet when there is a sale going on.

Getting my hairs cut....
This is my latest hair cut and I think it is the best one I've ever had. Thanks Kim!!

The back.

Trying to take pictures of us.....
Don't look at me in this picture, I'm still in my pjs. But when ever I would try to take a picture, McKenna would look up at me like I was acting weird. It was pretty funny.

My baby is crawling! I can't believe it. She has been pretty busy exploring everything. She can get going pretty fast with her crawl and can pull herself to a standing position. As a side note. You might notice Smalls is very close to McKenna butt, well McKenna had gone poop and smalls was following her around the house smelling her butt. It was funny. I guess I don't have to smell her butt anymore. I will just look for smalls.

Breaking things...
Elisha will probably be the only one to think this is funny. She got to witness the last time Tucker fell out of a chair. I am laughing right now just thinking about it. This chair was determined to break apart. It was already half way there and it was only a matter of time before it did. Tucker just happen to be its culprit. He was getting up and the front legs broke off and won he went. Oh my goodness...I am still laughing.

Just another view of the chair...

Coming down with some sort of rash...
We thought maybe she was getting chickenpox, but she didn't have them. The doctor said it was just some viral infection. She had a fever and everything. You feel so helpless when your kids are sick. She wasn't feeling good that day. The dots eventually went away in about a week.

McKenna got her first swim suit and went swimming for the first time and LOVED it!

The arm floaties didn't last long, she didn't like them much. Maybe when she is a little older.

She loved being in the water. It wasn't warm at all. It was actually pretty cold. I got in for a little bit and I could hardly stand it. But she loved it. She would kick around the pool. She's our little water bug.

Going to Six Flags....
I went to six flags with a few of my friends. We had a great time. It was fun riding all the rides. I love roller coasters!

Does this really look comfortable?

And last but not least...Smalls.
She had another run in with the vet. This is the 4th time she has got to the vet in her short 1 year and 3 month lifetime. Let me tell you about her latest visit. Smalls, McKenna, and I were going on a walk, as we normally do just about each day. We were at the houe next door and Smalls was smelling the grass as she normally does at that location. All of the sudden she starts violentally sneezing. Not just once or twice but 10-15 times in a row. She would stop for a little bit then start up all over again. So I put her in the basket of the stroller and hurry back to the house to see what is going on with her. Tucker looks and we are both unsure. We assume that she got something stuck up her nose. She has a little bit of blood on her face. But we aren't sure if that is from her sneezing or when she ran into the screen door on the way into the house. (poor smalls) So we decide to take her to the vet. It is about 7pm. I call over to the vet to see if they are still open and of course they arn't. They instruck us to go to this vet ER hospital. We go to the hospital. I walk in and explain what is going on. The very young, tan, beach bum, surfer doctor tells me that he thinks there is a foxtail in her nose and wants me to spend $409 to get it out. I ask...does that price include the $100 exam fee? (I guess all hospitals are a like, over priced!) He said yes it does. I go on to ask a few more questions and decide that I want to take her home and see how she does. $145 later, (we got some antibodicts) we head home. She is doing better but still having sneezing fits. The next morning, she is still sneezing, Not as bad as before and with some blood, and has no energy. I call Tucker and tell him that we need to take her in. So I take her into the vet.(the real vet, not the over priced hospital) and he tells me the same thing. So I tell him to go ahead with the proceedure. Which includes putting her to sleep and sticking a comb up her nose to check out what it up there. I am a little skeptical. How can a foxtail get up into smalls nose. Has he seen how smalls her nose is? But low and behold, he calls me a few hours later and tells me the news. "I pulled out a rather large foxtail and it was pretty wedged in there" How in the world? So another $259 later Smalls is all better. Which I am glad about. It makes me worried when she doesn't act her normal self. After this experience I have come to believe that Smalls is accident prone.
*See below for a picture of the foxtail that came out of smalls nose*
I couldn't get a good close up so this is as good as it gets.

McKenna laughing

McKenna swimming. Look at those cute legs kickin

This was also Smalls first time swimming. I don't think she liked it much. She was shivering for a while after getting out of the water. It was fun to watch her swim though.