Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

3 Months old

(She wasn't very happy here!)

Little McKenna is 3 months old. Well actually she is over that, but I have been lazy about posting this. So here is it. She has been a joy in my life so far. I'm thinking she weighs about 12 to 13 lbs, but I'm just guessing here and that guess was from a few weeks ago.

At 3 months she can:
-Talk, and she does this a lot
- Tries to laugh. does this ever so often. Its really a cute laugh
-Tries to sit up on her own
- Can sleep through the night
- Cries more now than a month ago
- Sometimes will through a little tantrum before going to sleep
- Tries to grab her toys
- Smiles a lot
- Is a mommies girl
- Is very observant and is awake more often
- She gets more buggers in her nose than anyone else I know
- Can hold her head up
- Hates being on her stomach
- Over all she is just a very pleasant girl!

Getting her diaper changed. She never cries, what a good baby!

She has the cuties little chubby legs

This is her new sleeping pose. I know she is in a deep sleep when she is sleeping with her hands behind her head.

Sitting in her high chair watching me on the computer.
All of these pictures were taking at about 3 1/2 months. Just FYI!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trip to Arizona

My mother was kind enough to take me and McKenna long with her to visit my sister, and her family of course, in Arizona. This was McKenna first plane ride and I have to say that I was a little nervous and had been having nightmares that the plane could crash. But to all my nervousness and bad dreams McKenna did wounderful. Not a cry came out of her. She is such a good baby.

Smalls thought she could come along in my suit case. She is a silly dog. She did miss me though. She always mopes around when I'm not at home. I love her!

We were able to see Yosemite as we flew over it. I was excited to be able to see half dome. See how big it really is considering that I have climbed it twice before! Can't wait to do it again!

This is McKenna and my mother on the plane doing their model poses. They are funny.

My sweet little girl, McKenna

We had an the middle seat open, No one wanted to see with us, I wonder why?, so we straped McKenna in the seat just for fun. She is so cute!

My sister, Elisha, and I being silly. Yes those are depends. We got a little carried away. It was pretty darn funny but I suppose you had to have been there to feel the full effect.

McKenna with her new hair due.

I like this picture. She is so strong with her neck muscles. And look at those cute chubby cheeks. Makes you want to squeeze them, doesn't it?

The ride home was just as smooth. No hick-ups at all. I was glad to be home. Thanks mom for taking us!

Twilight Series

I finally got sucked into the twilight series. I have to say that I love them. I could hardly put them down. I kind of felt bad for McKenna, Tucker, and Smalls(the dog) I totally ignored them for the week that I read them for. I have to say that I am definitely an Edward fan. Jacob got on my nerves to much. I liked Twilight the best, then Breaking Dawn, then Eclipse, and finally new moon. I'm not saying that I totally disliked new moon, it just wasn't up there on the list. Anyway, I'm glad that I got bored at my sisters house to start on Twilight. LOL, just kidding Elisha!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Poor Smalls

Last Wednesday, Smalls had the unfortunate event of coming in contact with about 10 of Tucker's brothers anxiety pills. She thought they were good and ate all of them. To much of her dismay, they started to take affect pretty quickly. She was crazy hyper at first, then she was unable to walk about 5 minutes later. She was quickly driven, and I mean quickly, to the vets office where she was given some pills to make her throw up. As a side note, did you know that the vet people put the pills under the eyelids of the animals? Crazy huh? I am guessing they dissolve faster that way and they don't get throw back up. Anyway, after hearing her agonizing for about 20 minutes, the veterinarian came to talk to us. She told us that Smalls had thrown up all the pills and that they had given her an anti-nausea pill and some charcoal. Thecharcoal was to dissolve the rest of the anxiety pills that may have gotten into her system. Kind of weird, I thought. The coal made her poop black. Just in case you wanted to know. She said that Smalls would be kind of lethargic for a few days.
$161.00 later, That night we were able to take smalls home. When we got home, Smalls wanted to get down and walk around. While her head was telling her she could walk, her legs were telling her something different. Smalls was pretty weak still and couldn't walk. She was incredibly thirsty and a bit hungry. Sweet Tucker held smalls until she fell asleep and made sure she didn't try to get up all through the night. Ohh the things we do for our animals!! Fortunately, around midnight she was walking better but not perfect. So we were a little more optimistic that there wouldn't be any lasting affects. She had to go pee that night and she could walk better so we let her go on her own. It was sad to see her pee because when girl dogs pee they squat. Well when she went to squat she was pretty much sitting on the ground because she couldn't hold herself up. It was a sad sight to see. ;(
The next day she was able to walk almost perfectly, although still not back up to par. Now, 6 days later, she is all back to normal. It was quite a scary experience. I am so glad we didn't lose smalls that night and acted quickly to get her the help she needed. We sure love our sweet smalls!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We didn't take McKenna out for halloween. I thought she was to young. But I did get her a little outfit, smalls too. hehe (yes I am one of those people who likes to dress up their dog. This is the only thing I have) Here are some pictures of them together.

McKenna's favorite thing to do now is suck on her hands. She will do it all day and then her hands get cold.

I tired to get a good picture of smalls shirt. Its a pumpkin. I wanted to get her a actual costume, but since we wern't going around I figured this would do.

It makes me laugh everytime I see her in her shirt.


Friday, October 24, 2008

2 Months Old = Shots

McKenna had her shots yesterday. I was nervous about it all day long and the day before. But everything turned out fine. When they put the needles in her face got so red. I've never seen it turn that shade before, then again she has never cried that hard either. She did really good. She cried for about 5 minutes, then fell asleep. When she woke up is was smiling and talking. Every once and a while she would cry, I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. But with tylonel in hand, over all she did really really well. I was quite pleased.

She now weights 11lbs and 14 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. She is growing quite well. I love her chubby arms, legs, and cheeks. She is beautiful.

McKenna is a very alert little girl. She is always looking around. Takes good naps and is awake for good periods as well. She sleeps through the night, which I love. My goal now is to get her to go to bed before 11:30. I've only gone to bed once before midnight, and it was at 10:00. It was wonderful. That night she slept for 9 hours. She holds up her head really good and tried to pull herself up so she can sit up. Her legs are getting stronger. She likes to stand for a little time, but her feet are still turned inward a bit. So it makes it harder. Not sure if she likes being on her belly that much, but she likes sitting in her bouncer and on the floor. She is such a good baby, I feel so blessed to have her in my life!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just messin' around

My sweet little girl!

Monday, October 20, 2008

McKenna's Blessing Day

McKenna had her blessing yesterday. Tucker did a great job. It was a good day and fun spending time with family. My wonderful sister in law took some pictures of my little girl. These are just a few of them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McKenna's blessing dress

McKenna is getting her blessing this coming Sunday, Oct 19th. I wanted to try the dress on her to see how it fit. I think she looks so cute and pretty and I think the dress is beautiful.

McKenna holding up her head.

McKenna loves to sleep

McKenna is such a good sleeper, so good that she has been sleeping for 7- 7 1/2 hours each night since October 5th. That is about a week and a half and she was only 6 weeks old. What a fantastic baby! I couldn't have asked for more. I guess Heavenly Father knows that I need my sleep and am craby if she doesn't like to sleep during the night.
Just as a little update. McKenna will be 2 months old next week. She is smiling and talking up a storm. She is trying to sit up in our laps. Can hold up her head quite well. Is very alert and looking around at everything around her. Is getting better at standing on my lap. She is getting those cute chubby legs and arms. We just love her!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mckenna is 1 month old!

I can't believe she has been in my life for one month! Where has the time gone? Motherhood has been wonderful. I love to hold my little Mckenna. She is starting to cue and smile at me. Her smile is so cute. Of course I am bias! Now that she turned 1 month, she has suddenly awakened from her slumber. She pretty much slept 24hrs a day for the first month. With the exception of a couple days when she was awake for a few hours. I guess she was really tired from her trip here. I had the challenge of waking her up every 3 hours to feed her, except at night, which was no easy task. This girl is quite the deep sleeper. I have tried taking off her clothes, changing her diaper, talking to her, moving her around. But the one thing that seems to get her just about every time is a cold wash cloth on her back. I know it sounds a little cruel, but hey I've got to do what I've got to do to wake this girl up. Thank goodness she has woken up for her month long slumber, I don't have to use such drastic measures to wake her up.
McKenna likes to hold her hands in fists. When she opens them up her hands are beautiful. Her hands are pretty and her fingers are long. I have noticed recently, she has been grabbing her hair. Its kind of cute. She is a pretty good nurser. She likes to nurse with her eyes closed. Every now and again she will open her eyes, but that is a rare occasion. She can hold up her head pretty well for a one month old little girl. She likes to look around and can make eye contact with people.
Unfortunally she has caught Tucker and I's cold. She has got her first cold! I feel bad that I gave it to her. Now I get the challange of sucking out her nose with the nose sucker thingie. Anyway, she has been a delight in my life. Being a mother has been good so far. Not to challenging, but I think I got a pretty good baby.

P.S. my sister-in-law took these picture for me. I think she did a pretty darn good job. Thanks again Kristin! Your a peach!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 weeks old

Our little girl is 3 weeks old now. Took her to the doctors this last week and she weighted 9lbs 6oz and is 22 inches long. The week before she weighted 8lbs 8oz, She gained almost 1 lb in a week. I am so proud! She is such a cute and lovable little girl!

What she does best...sleep! Too bad its not during the night.

A little mommy-daughter time

San Francisco

Tuck and I decided we would go to San Francisco on Friday. Just to get out of the house. We didn't do to much, walked around the pier, drove around looking at the nice houses, looked at the beach, went to the Oakland temple, looked at the Golden Gate Bridge. As you can see it was a little windy. Little McKenna didn't like the wind to much. I had her covered up, then quickly uncovered her for the picture. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge up in the right hand corner. I wanted to be able to see the bridge a little more, but it was soo windy and cold we just wanted to get back in the car and not retake the picture.

McKenna's first bath

Her cord fell off so we decided it was time to give her a bath. She has done really well the two baths she has had. She just sits there and enjoys her warm bath. Since I am a newbie, my sister, Elisha, showed me the techniques of a good bath.

Smalls has found a new place to sleep

This is McKenna's bouncer....Smalls has discovered its a nice place to sleep. I suppose she is a little jealous and took the opportunity to jump in when McKenna wasn't in there.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 6 months to smalls

Our little smalls isn't so little anymore. She now weights almost 8lbs! She has gotten so big since we got her4 months ago.

She is quite the little character and is very entertaining. She is a joy to have in our home.

Facts about Smalls...
Her hair grows like crazy,
watches over McKenna,
gets a drink of water before going to bed,
likes chewing on rocks,
likes to sit on laps,
likes to bite when she plays,
pee's when someone new comes over,
likes new people..will lick them to death,
loves eating otter pops,
sleeps on our bed,
runs in circles with her tail in between her legs when she gets really excited