Monday, November 17, 2008

Poor Smalls

Last Wednesday, Smalls had the unfortunate event of coming in contact with about 10 of Tucker's brothers anxiety pills. She thought they were good and ate all of them. To much of her dismay, they started to take affect pretty quickly. She was crazy hyper at first, then she was unable to walk about 5 minutes later. She was quickly driven, and I mean quickly, to the vets office where she was given some pills to make her throw up. As a side note, did you know that the vet people put the pills under the eyelids of the animals? Crazy huh? I am guessing they dissolve faster that way and they don't get throw back up. Anyway, after hearing her agonizing for about 20 minutes, the veterinarian came to talk to us. She told us that Smalls had thrown up all the pills and that they had given her an anti-nausea pill and some charcoal. Thecharcoal was to dissolve the rest of the anxiety pills that may have gotten into her system. Kind of weird, I thought. The coal made her poop black. Just in case you wanted to know. She said that Smalls would be kind of lethargic for a few days.
$161.00 later, That night we were able to take smalls home. When we got home, Smalls wanted to get down and walk around. While her head was telling her she could walk, her legs were telling her something different. Smalls was pretty weak still and couldn't walk. She was incredibly thirsty and a bit hungry. Sweet Tucker held smalls until she fell asleep and made sure she didn't try to get up all through the night. Ohh the things we do for our animals!! Fortunately, around midnight she was walking better but not perfect. So we were a little more optimistic that there wouldn't be any lasting affects. She had to go pee that night and she could walk better so we let her go on her own. It was sad to see her pee because when girl dogs pee they squat. Well when she went to squat she was pretty much sitting on the ground because she couldn't hold herself up. It was a sad sight to see. ;(
The next day she was able to walk almost perfectly, although still not back up to par. Now, 6 days later, she is all back to normal. It was quite a scary experience. I am so glad we didn't lose smalls that night and acted quickly to get her the help she needed. We sure love our sweet smalls!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We didn't take McKenna out for halloween. I thought she was to young. But I did get her a little outfit, smalls too. hehe (yes I am one of those people who likes to dress up their dog. This is the only thing I have) Here are some pictures of them together.

McKenna's favorite thing to do now is suck on her hands. She will do it all day and then her hands get cold.

I tired to get a good picture of smalls shirt. Its a pumpkin. I wanted to get her a actual costume, but since we wern't going around I figured this would do.

It makes me laugh everytime I see her in her shirt.